Mix Committee Members as of the 1st July 2019

  • Cynthia Collett (Chair)

  • Janet Dawe (Vice)

  • Jeremy Hopkins (Treasurer)

  • Gail Hawks

  • Ben Thomas

  • Marie Sullivan

  • Pat Dolan

  • Monica Cass

Minutes, 11 September 2017

-apologies: Julie, Tim

-present: Jeremy Hopkins, Marie Sullivan, Janet Dawe, Cynthia Hazel, Debbie Richards, Polly, Mel Platt, Gail Hawks, John Colliver, Paul Dulliu, Barbara Frost, Pat Donovan, Collin

 1. Finances:

Before we got the grant, our total funds totalled £267. After the grant and after spending money on several things (tables, cupboards, wifi and internet and a phone line, amongst others) we now have £837.

2. Heating:

During winter, there are problems with the temperature inside the room at The Mix. Due to the nature of the room, heaters are not effective. Several solutions to this were discussed: bringing more heaters, using fan heaters (they seem to be more effective). However, this issue will be discussed further during winter, if and when it becomes cold. 

3. Website:

Mitchell Platt set up a website for us (our website) and this year he had to renew the subscription. This cost him £90 which was agreed to be reimbursed to him from our funds.

The website itself was discussed as some committee members suggested that we use Facebook instead (as we now have a page there), however it was noted that the website allows us to post things that we could not post on Facebook, for example our monthly minutes. It was also suggested to update the website more regularly, as our past focus has been on improving The Mix experience directly and practically, so we have not had the chance for specific write-ups of our experiences and activities at The Mix.

Further, the issue of donations was discussed; we currently have a JustGiving donation page, however the problem is that it costs money to keep it going. Mitch suggested that we set up our own donation system through our website (which was discussed in the past as well), however there were concerns that it might not be secure. Mitch said that it can be as secure as any other website, so this issue will be discussed when further details emerge of the specifics of setting up a secure donation system.

 4. Christmas party:

Last year, The Mix hosted a Christmas party where they served hot fish and chips as well as celebrating with the visitors. However, the total price for the food and accommodation last year was £441. This year it would not be possible to do this again without fundraising on our part. Instead, one possible option that was suggested is to do 2 hours of entertainment (instead of a meal) and a volunteer could help us with it (e.g. a person could volunteer to sing or play guitar). Further discussions about this will be held throughout the following weeks and months leading to Christmas.

 5. Fundraising:

We have many fundraising ideas but no practical experience with the implementation and the procedures so it was suggested, in the future, to get a volunteer fundraiser who would be able to help us and direct us.

NEXT Meeting: 2nd of October, 11.30 at The Point (Monday) 

Mix Minutes, 24 July 2017

-apologies: Beth Lawrence

-present: Cynthia Collett, Jeremy Hopkins, Marie Sullivan, Janet Dawe, John Colliver, Tim Mealina, Melanie Platt, Pat Donovan, Colin, Gail Hawks, Paul Dulliu, Nigel, Julie Byrne, Debbie Reynolds

 1. Committee Members:

The committee member list has been discussed. Some committee members have been absent for months, so the list is inconclusive. It was agreed on that the committee list should not include more than 15 or so active members at any one time, so some members may be emailed to be asked whether they wish to continue being part of the committee.

Various other committee member roles were also discussed.

2. Grant:

The grant application of £1500 was approved. Many thanks to Gail for handling it!

We still need the details of each individual item and all the specific price requests. The council has a copy but we do not. Gail will talk to Ranjit (the council representative) to obtain a copy of the item list. So far, the list includes: a TV, arts and crafts materials, a cupboard, 2 tables, a games console and internet. After we submit the form with the above, the council will send a cheque within 4 weeks for the sum of money. 

3. Games:

The video game console and also the issue of video games were discussed. There are problems with having a video game machine (computer or console) at The Mix as playing video games is a solitary activity, while The Mix is a social place. However, without it, The Mix has problems attracting younger visitors. As such, the issue needs to be discussed further.  One idea was to diversity the range of activities, as it was noted that the pool table attracts a lot of visitors who otherwise would not have been attracted to The Mix. 

4. Others:

-The make-up activity was approved. A visitor (who has done make-up before at Campbell Centre) has a table set up for her. She brings her own make-up kit and applies make-up to anyone who wants it, for free. A disclaimer was drafted up to avoid legal troubles. CAB will be asked kindly to take a look at it.

-There is a board meeting with the Council in early August, at Acorn House, from 13.00 to 16.00. Anyone is welcome to discuss mental health organisations and any issues that the council may help with, as well as provide feedback.

-It was agreed to pay Paulina (the drama/theatre teacher) for her parking fees.

Next Meeting: 11 September, 11.30, at The Point

Mix Minutes, June 19 2017

Present: Janet Dawe, Tim Mealina, Pat Dovan, Colin Griffiths, Gail Hawks, Julie Byrne, Beth Lawrence, Jeremy Hopkins, Mel Platt, John Colliver, M Sullivan, Cynthia Collett, Paul Dulliu


1. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy:

The policy is now in its draft version. The main question is who will be responsible for implementing it and taking charge in emergency situations.

It was agreed that anyone can enforce the policy but the official document requires 2 named persons who agree to take responsibility for enforcing it. Mel and Cynthia volunteered to do so and it was discussed that if they would happen to be absent in a certain week, they would delegate their duties to somebody else. However, Mel and Cynthia are present for almost every single week.

The phone number for contacting the social care worker responsible for vulnerable adults is (01908) 253 772. 

In terms of concrete information, harassment did happen once (at The Mix) but it was resolved instantly and easily by simply telling the person that the other person felt harassed (rather than befriended). This resulted in the first person simply talking to other people. In the meeting, it was discussed that this is the general process in case anything happens (one of the committee members talks to the person who is causing an issue and said person either changes their behaviour or is asked to leave). However, the safeguarding policy will be useful in situations where the problem escalates. As mentioned above, this has never been the case before, but if it ever happens, the policy will allow the safeguarding person to contact the appropriate authorities.

 2. Funding:

This discussion relates to the funding grant as well as the other issues.

It was agreed that we do not need that much more furniture.

So far, we need more art tables. The exact number was discussed and agreed to be 3, as 4 are too many (and there is no space) and 1 is too few.

  1. We need 1 more cupboard (similar or identical to the one we already have).

  2. We also need a plumber/repairman for the doors and others.

  3. We also need some fans.

The issue of wifi funding and installation was discussed. It was agreed that the secretary (Paul, me) would look into it. The main question is whether wifi can be obtained by simply plugging a modem into a wall socket or whether it also requires the installation of a phone line in the building.

 The current funds are £324 in the bank and £101 out of the bank.

The prices of the 2nd cup of coffee/tea was agreed to be reduced: the first cup is free and the 2nd will now cost 30 pence (rather than 50p).

Other necessities and things were discussed: it would be a good idea to get a fridge and a dishwasher, although there are difficulties with a dishwasher as it would require water, electricity, permission to use, space on a table, storage space etc.

For the grant application itself, we will need to keep receipts of every single item that we purchase. Thanks to Jeremy for keeping such a list, as he currently has a folder with every single receipt and cheque that indexes every monetary expenditure by The Mix so far.

He also suggested that if anybody incurs any expenditure with regards to The Mix, then that person should ask to be reimbursed (for example, if somebody prints 20 pages for The Mix, then that person should ask for the money back).

 3. Time:

The duration of the weekly Monday meeting of The Mix was discussed. Tim has talked to several visitors and they all communicated their desire to spend more time at The Mix, as they feel that 2 hours are insufficient. Some suggestions have been to increase the time: from 12.30 to 15.30 or from 13.30 to 16.00. 

Visitors are also upset about The Mix not happening at all during bank holidays. As such it was agreed to host The Mix in different days of the week whenever a week has a Monday bank holiday. Thus, the Mix will be hosted on the 31st of August (as the Monday of that week, the 28th, is a bank holiday).

Unfortunately, and related to the first paragraph in 3., committee members are not able to host The Mix several times a week every single week (which was a proposed solution to compensate for the shortness of the duration). During bank holidays though, we will do our best to host it during that week in another day. 

4. Outdoor activities were discussed as well. Some visitors suggested “day trips” to places (parks, museums etc.) however there are problems with this, as firstly buses require a minimum number of people for booking (quite a large number), secondly the tickets can be fairly expensive, thirdly some people do not show up. As such it was suggested to partner with ReThink, as they host their own day trips and activities, and The Mix visitors could use their service instead.

For example, if there are only 5 people from The Mix who want a trip, but there are 40 from ReThink, then the 5 could go together with those 40.

However, Pat mentioned that he has contacted them in the past and they did not reply back.

5. Committee members and membership:

It was discussed that we need a more specific list of committee members and their exact role and duties.

Also, it was agreed that there are issues with committee members who discontinue their support. The problem is that once the safeguarding policy will be in place, the committee group must be more tightly knit and very organised. 

Finally it was discussed whether to have a paid development worker (a single one) for The Mix. While they are helpful and can do great things, having a paid worker itself is contrary to the identity of The Mix, so it was suggested to try to find a volunteer for this. 

Mix Committee Minutes, May 15 2017

Present: John Colliver, Paul Dulliu, Jeremy Hopkins, Ben Thomas, Gail Hawks, Mel Platt, Tim Mealina, Cynthia Collett, Janet Dawe, Beth Lawrence, Julie Byrne, Debbie Richards

1. The grant application (for funding) was discussed. Gail agreed to handle it and Mr Thomas agreed to help us with it.

The initial application has been deferred (not rejected) as the Council requires more information and wants clarification on some specific questions.

2. The lack of data related to our group and our website was discussed. Paul (me) agreed to email Mitch (the site developer) to get analytics on things such as time spent on the website, referral links, time spent on each page etc. From there we can improve whatever is necessary, for example if website visitors spend their time on the “about” page, we could improve it and put links to other portions of the website in it. Also real life data was discussed, as we currently do not know how people heard of us or what convinced them to visit us.

We had a regular visitor (non-committee member) attend the meeting and he personally said that he heard about us from the Council and through other similar organisations (e.g. Rethink).

As such, it might be useful for us to ask new visitors how they found out about us when we welcome them.

3. Many thanks to our leaflet designer! He designed our leaflet for free and printed out several hundred copies of it for us for free, as he was quite passionate about our goals and our organisation.

4. There was a discussion about potential volunteers. Issues were raised with un-vetted random outsiders who might present a risk and with people who misbehave (the arrogant behaviour of some Cherrywood people who used to visit The Mix was given as a specific example).

One individual in particular, a psychology student, offered to come volunteer over the summer. So far, she does not seem to present any risks, but if we start taking it volunteers then we might have to update and publish a “safeguarding vulnerable adults” policy, as well as train new people and test them.

5. The essence of the Mix as a “just come in and have a chat” was emphasised, and concluded that it is preferable to keep the Mix this way rather than introduce rigid schedules or barriers to entry. This way our organisation is quite unique in that a lot of people come in and feel welcomed rather than having appointments and roles to fulfil.

6. The Sheriff of Buckingham wants to visit us on the 5th of June. This role is honorary and each year the Sheriff changes; responsibilities include ceremonies, press releases, and anything else related to organisations and bridging the gap between the central government and the local ones.

This offers us an opportunity to advertise the Mix by taking some photographs with him and then being featured in a newspaper article. Also, he stated that one of his goals as Sheriff is to raise awareness of mental health issues and services. 

7. Social Media was discussed; it was agreed for Paul to set up a Facebook and a Twitter account, the latter of which Mr Thomas can manage, as he is already managing the CAB twitter account.

Issues were raised with controversial posts and followers and rude/disparaging commenters (“trolls”) and also with people who might ask for private advice publicly, on the social media platform. As such we decided that when/if the facebook account gets made, I will initially lock it so that other people cannot post on it and I will write a note at the end of an introductory post to read “we do not give advice via facebook but come in on Mondays and we can offer private, confidential advice there”. Later on, if we get a big enough following, we might have to get a social media manager volunteer so that he or she can weed out inappropriate comments and monitor the page frequently.

8. There is a Mental Health Summit on July 5th, between 9.30 and 15.30, in Ridgeway Centre, Wolverton Mill South. We will be able to get a stand/stall there and advertise The Mix to visitors and passers-by on that day. The event is free.

9. Other updates:

  • Janet gathered some improvement/recovery/life-experience stories for us, as mentioned in the last minutes (for April).

  • We were offered a new, free space in Hodge Lea (between Wolverton and Kiln) by a council. I will email back to thank them and to refuse as we agreed that most of us do not have the time to host another Mix session and that if we did, we would have hosted it in the same building.

  • We currently have £365 as our funds.

  • Many thanks to John Colliver for doing the cleaning and the vacuuming! He currently needs somebody to help him with that (before and after the Mix session).


The Mix Committee Meeting: April 3rd 2017

Apologies: Ben Thomas.

Present: Paul Dulliu, Carol Dean, Julie Byrne, Tim Mealina, Mel Platt, Sammy B, Cynthia Collett, Sue Dix, Gail Hawks, M Sullivan, Colin Griffiths, John Colliver, Janet Dawe

Main points: 1. Communication, 2. Funding, 3. Project, 4. Others

1. Issues were noted with communication between committee members.

Several ideas were presented: re-instating the board, emails, text messages, phone calls.

The solution was for Paul (the secretary, me) to text the committee members that don’t have an email with a brief message summarising the email that I send to everyone else.

It is probable that I will do so from my personal phone number, although it is possible that CAB set up a phone number for us. Whether that is the case or if it can send text messages remains to be seen. However, it is not, so far, a problem for me to send text messages from my personal number.

 About the board: several problems were raised with it, namely the cleaning/wiping, taking care never to use permanent markers, misplacing it.

It was agreed to start using it for announcements and to wipe it using dry wipes and to use special (non-permanent) markers. The board will be put up in a visible place. Before each meeting, information will be printed out by the secretary and pinned on the board.

2. The grant application has been completed and sent. It is now under review and we should get an answer within 1-2 weeks.

The grant application included requests for funding for: wifi for 12 months, a handiman (10 hours), 2 cupboards, arts and crafts materials (e.g. clay and paint), a TV and a video game console and some video games, signage, a banner and the leaflets.

The grant was for the maximum amount of £1500. 

Also, the issue of our own fundraising was discussed. Tim said he has some ideas and that he is connected to several other groups that he could persuade to fund us.

It was discussed that we cannot rely on handouts alone, so fundraising is a welcome idea. One specific example of such an activity would be the collection of charitable donations from supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Waitrose).

Another issue that was raised was the lack of volunteers. It was agreed that they will become necessary when/if The Mix grows and expands. However, the concept of “volunteer” is seen as unwelcome by both committee members and regular visitors too – as some “volunteers” * are paid employees (of e.g. the MK Council), while others are regular visitors who decided to get involved, while others are people who simply want to help and are passionate about mental health issues.

*(meaning, people who have the same responsibilities and partake in the same activities as a volunteer normally would)

Finally, it was noted that there are 4 signatories, and that this is a sufficient number for the time being (as 2 would have been too few).

3. Janet’s project: Janet has communicated with a person who wants to write a book with “recovery from mental issues” stories, Milton Keynes –wide.

I have attached a scan of the leaflet (note: the leaflet is in colour, but it was scanned black and white).

This idea stemmed from events such as the World Mental Health Day.

It was suggested for us to contribute to said book. Janet mentioned that the person she talked to would come to The Mix and people could submit confidential, anonymous stories to him about their experience with living with mental issues, which could include anything from depression to psychosis.

Also, Janet mentioned that the art group could create artwork to contribute to the book.

 Problems were noted with the word “recovery”. It was suggested to change it to “life-story”, or maybe “improvement” and a story of how the person got from point A to point B.

One issue was that some people do not view it as a “recovery”, and as such some may be reluctant to share their stories. As such, “life story” or “life experience” or “experience of living with X” may be more fitting and accurate.

Janet mentioned that she will have more details, as she will visit and talk with the person this week.

Finally, it was concluded that a gathering of such stories might be necessary for justification and funding purposes. Councils and other organisations strongly emphasise the relational part of charities and organisations such as ours. As such, having several people describe “how The Mix helped me lead a better life despite my mental issue” would be much more valuable to them than “The Mix helps 50-70 visitors per month”.

4. Others:

  •  Toilets have to be checked at the end of every Monday meeting (as an example, it was clogged last week and the owner thought it was due to one of our visitors).

  • The current place will last for another 3 years (before being demolished).

  • There were issues on the door with boundaries, but those are resolved now.

  • John agreed to do the cleaning but mentioned that he would need help (1 other person).

  • When the wifi will be installed, we can start using the computer that we already have.

  • The vacuum cleaner must be checked, a new one might be needed, the suggestion was for a Henry which costs around £100-120.

  • Partnership board: everyone has different bits of information, so it was agreed to communicate it to me and I would then email/text it out to everybody.

 Next meeting: 15th of May, 11.30 

The Mix Committee Meeting , 6th March 2017

The Mix- Open Committee Meeting Held Monday 6th March 2017 at the Point

Apologies: Julie Byrne, Debbie Richard

(meeting date not well communicated thus many absent as a result)

Those Present: Cynthia Collett, Mel Platt, Gail Hawks, Janet Dawe, Maria Sullivan, Tim Mealin,,Margaret Tolfree, Amy Tolfree, John Colliver and Jeremy Hopkins

Gail agreed to chair the meeting and Mel took minutes.

 Discussed the lack of progression of decisions made at the last meeting- the AGM in January, particularly with respect to application for funding. Carol agreed to progress funding but it is not clear whether this has happened.

It was acknowledged by several committee members that Carol, as Chairperson, needs to offer a reliable presence i.e. be present at the drop in’s at least twice a month and to also offer proactive communication about matters between sessions. Gail offered to be a ‘Development Officer’ and take a proactive role in fundraising.

There was a discussion about what funds were needed for. There are ongoing concerns about unpaid bills at the point and whether there will be a request for monies at some point which we will not have. Carol had said she would research on line for some things needed at the AGM- lockable storage. The new Secretary, Paul has made enquiries about Wi-Fi and has proposed we buy this for the point- approx. £20 per month.

Cleaning- Mel agreed to contact Colin to ask if anyone is currently employed to clean the premises. John will arrive early for sessions and do what cleaning he can. Acknowledged that we currently have no vacuum cleaner- Gail agreed to bring one for next week.

Keys- Jeremy agreed to try to get a second cupboard key cut.

Boundaries were discussed. Jeremy has been welcoming people who arrive early into the foyer due to bad weather but has experienced some difficulty with certain individuals who come in early without having an agreed role making this necessary. Acknowledged that the running of the service needs to be equitable and transparent and that any boundary issues from now on need to be dealt with.

 Spontaneous activities being organised in the session such as the pop quiz that went ahead successfully last week was discussed. Space in the area we currently use does not allow for more activities than already take place – CAB, art and Drama. However it was agreed that when Drama is not running there is no reason for another activity not to take place in principle. There is also a large space, currently not used to the left of the drop in which we have access to because of the disabled toilet. It would be possible to use this space and it would be ideal for table tennis. There is a table available for us to use which is in storage currently.

The issue of insurance was raised. Mel agreed to make a hard copy of the policy available and to send all the documents electronically to Gail so that we can all be aware of its contents.

Jeremy, as Treasurer gave feedback that all the cheques we have written have been honoured by the Metro Bank, despite some confusion about signatories. We have £324.27 in the bank and approx. £80 as a cash float.

Tim Mealing offered to be a committee member and was successfully voted on by other members present. The key role of ‘host’ was explained and Tim feels he will be very suited to the role.

Anti-social behaviour was discussed. Mel stated that one person had been spoken to about this and it was reiterated that anyone being disrespectful to anyone else during the session will be challenged and potentially asked to leave. It was recognised that people feeling bullied by cliques can be a subtle process but that as committee members we will remain diligent and be prepared to act on any such behaviour during sessions. 

Next Meeting- 3rd April 11.30am at the Point

The Mix AGM - 30th January 2017

Meeting opened at 11:00 hours.


  • Mel Platt

  • Barbara Holmes

  • Carol Dean

  • John Colliver

  • M Sullivan

  • Margaret Tolfree

  • Amy Tolfree

  • Janet Dawe

  • Jeremy Hopkins

  • Barbara Frost

  • Sue Dix

  • Ben Thomas

  • Beth Lawrence

  • Jon McPherson

  • Gail Hawks

1. Review of the year by the Chair of The Mix – Carole Dean

Carole spoke of an eventful year noting that The Mix had been forced to move premises from the YMCA to The Point at short notice in August 2016.  It was agreed that this has been a positive move by default as the venue is ideal for a large social gathering.  Carole pointed out that The Mix has thrived over the year, going from strength to strength with numbers attending now regularly in the 60’s.  There has also been substantial interest from other agencies in the drop-in, and many visitors have passed through – too many to mention.

A key struggle has been the difficulty experienced by committee members to hold their responsibilities and offer regular commitment.  It was acknowledged that this is, in part, the result of people having mental health difficulties and finding they are unable to offer a reliable presence at times. Carole extended congratulations to all those who have contributed to developing what is now a highly valued service for our community.    

2. The financial report was presented by The Mix Treasurer – Jeremy Hopkins.  

A financial summary report is attached to these minutes.  In general finances have been stable and well managed and Jeremy offered to continue in this role for a further year.  This was supported by other committee members.

3. Committee members and their roles and responsibilities were discussed.

Carole has offered to continue as Chair for a further year and this was supported by other committee members.

Cynthia Collett was voted in as Vice Chair and also agreed to be a signatory for The Mix bank account, which was supported by committee members.

Janet Dawe and Gail Hawks from Healthwatch agreed to continue as committee members and are also to be signatories for The Mix bank account – seconded by other committee members.    

It is necessary to have an effective Secretary for the group and a volunteer is being interviewed to take over this position next week.

Ben Thomas from Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has agreed to continue as a committee member and will approach other third sector workers to rally their support.

Mel Platt and Julie Byrne will continue as committee members from Milton Keynes Council and it was noted that valued staff from the council who have supported The Mix are being lost from services as a result of restructuring.

Barbara Frost an Occupational Therapist employed by CNWL and working in the MK Mental Health Services was voted onto the committee – a welcome addition as Barbara has regularly supported the drop-in since its’ launch.

A full review of committee members will be conducted at the next meeting in March when our new secretary (hopefully in post) will establish who the committee members are, as many people have expressed an interest and others have accepted the responsibility and not been able to commit to the role this last year.

4. Development issues

Fundraising was discussed – Carole and Ben will apply for further grant monies and the following things were identified as needed:

  1. Heaters

  2. Wi Fi

  3. Lockable storage cupboards

  4. Folding tables for art

  5. Art project materials

  6. Leaflets and branded signature banners and posters

  7. Flasks for hot water

  8. TV and Xbox

  9. One off events, e.g. Christmas meal

  10. Handyman for small maintenance

The issue of how secure we are at The Point was discussed.

Janet Dawe received an e-mail regarding the future of The Point from Councillor Chris Williams, in which he indicated that we will be able to use the point for at least 12-months and very likely longer due to planning issues.  It was noted that apart from small necessary repairs, we will spend money on assets that can be transferred to alternative premises when the need arises.

5. Existing Activities

Art – regular informal activity which is well attended every session.  Barbara and Janet are looking to develop other creative activities and projects, including creative writing.

Drama – Paulina has run a very successful informal drama session which is also well attended and long may it continue.

CAB sessions – Ben and Richard have developed an invaluable service over the last few months – offering a much needed service to some very vulnerable people who would otherwise have not accessed this support.  Ben has secured funds to continue offering this service for the next financial year.

6. Domestic

Identified heating, cleaning and small maintenance jobs as issues.

It was decided that monies be used to employ a local handyman to mend toilet door locks and other small jobs at The Point.

John Colliver agreed to clean the areas used for the drop-in, including the toilets.  This job has been done thus far by Caroline Toes, but we are sadly likely to lose Caroline as a result of the council restructuring of mental health services.

It was generally agreed that a large effective heater needs to be purchased to ensure that The Point is not unacceptably cold – this will be a priority.

Close of meeting at 12:30 hour.

Minutes from Open Meeting - 22nd August 2016


Apologies from Carol


Carol sent word that she is happy to go ahead with the publicity ideas we discussed in previous meetings, 


There have been concerns raised from a service user who attends the Mix is not ‘safe’, this person is known to the team and is not considered a threat, but will be monitored by staff.

This issue was discussed at length, and we concluded that the mix needs to remain an ‘open house’ as one of its key aims is to break down the stigma of Mental Health problems. 


Polly Randal has sent an invoice to The Mix for £355.00 - for rent in June and July. Treasurer will advise Polly to invoice CNWL directly for monies to be payed as they have agreed to award £1000 to the Mix – money originally earmarked for peer support in the community from the Recovery and Rehabilitation Team and the Specialist Therapy Team.

August Bank Holiday Monday

The Mix will not be open next week.

Opening days/times

We discussed changing The Mix from a Monday to a Wednesday, due to Bank Holiday’s, Janet rightly commented that there are no more BH Mondays for the rest of this year, so the decision has been put on hold until the New Year.  We also discussed the possibility of expanding sessions, and will put this on the Agenda for discussion at our next meeting, along with our Christmas Party.


Carol requested that a discussion be had regarding monies as she is suggesting applying for a further grant.  Jeremy raised concerns about what money may be needed for use of the Point, we are not required to pay rent, but have been asked to potentially contribute towards running costs i.e. electricity.  

A radio is needed and will be bought in the next couple of weeks.

Public Liability Insurance

PLI has been researched and the costs will be £65 for the year. A final decision on this is currently with Carole as Chair who agreed to look thoroughly into the policy details.

Committee Group Training

Jeremy is going to look into First Aid Training with the Red Cross, for some committee member, this £45 each 


There was a general discussion about what was being achieved by the Mix. It was acknowledged that it is very effective at offering people with mental health problems/carers an opportunity to socialize and make friends. We hope CAB will continue to offer advice and support with people’s problems and that the Mix will also function as a ‘live directory’ with providers attending and promoting their services and creating useful relationships.

Date for next open meeting

3rd October, 2016 at 11.30 at The Point. 

Minutes from Open Meeting - 9th May 2016


  • 13 present

  • 2 apologies

  • 2 absent


Issues of last meeting 

Flipchart for entrance required, this is now in place, paper and pens needed.  Monica to look at display of information, Amy Tolfree said that Staples do laminating.

Web site

The new website is now up and running, massive thanks to Mitch Platt for all of his hard work, and donating the cost of doing this.


Ways to give donations was discussed, it was suggested that a link could be added to the web page; Piers informed us that this would not be secure, and the ‘Just Giving’ site is the best secure option.

Donations have been received from the Community foundation, who receives revenue from Comic Relief and rental of land owned by them amongst other things.

Signatures for bank account

We need ideally another 3-4 people, to volunteer to be signatories for The Mix bank account.  Monica and Janet volunteered, along with Verna, we still need another 2.


It has been recognised that board games and jigsaw puzzles would be popular at the Mix; Caroline has contacted Smyth’s to see if she could get any donations, to no avail, she is going to try other stores. 

We discussed other activities that would be suitable to encourage younger people to attend, an Xbox was suggested.


Contact Citizen and Heart Radio to raise publicity, Carol Dean is happy to contact these although she doesn’t live in the area any longer.  Janet is going to support Carol with this.

New run of posters, new designs welcomed.

The Bussy

We were told by Tom that the Bussy could possibly become available again, watch this space!!

It appears that the YMCA have tendered for the building, someone is going to contact Milton Keynes Development Partnership directly to find out.  This building will be ideal as there is more space for activities, play pool etc.

Holiday calendar

We need a holiday calendar for staffing The Mix and chairing the meetings, for when we can’t make it.  To let me know please email the-mix@outlook.com

Any other business

World Mental Health day on 10th October, ideas welcome and venues.

Next committee meeting

The next meeting will be held on 28th June 2016 between 14:00 and 16:3 at the Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate, Central Milton Keynes MK9 3EJ