November 2018

November 2018

At the start of the month numbers of people attending dropped to the 60’s and the session felt quiet, particularly on the 5th when no CAB volunteers were able to attend.

We noted that sessions are being attended by increasing of  men – several very tall ones that dwarf Jeremy who is over 6ft!

Preparations were started this month for our Christmas party with Fish and Chips booked and people agreeing to showcase their talent on the day.

Numbers were back into the 70’s by mid-November and the CAB workers returned. Thanks Leslie for holding the fort on your own for several times.

Session’s generally had a great atmosphere this month with a birthday (with small cake and candle) on 19th!

We had workers from all parts of the local mental health services attend and had a visit from someone from the local Samaritans Team who enjoyed the drop in and is hoping to offer some regular support- a welcome extra listening ear.

A new volunteer has offered to run some informal drama - something that is sorely missed by many since Paulina has not been available. He visited today and felt he would fit into the Mix well. He is planning to start next week with support from Nikki who has always been a keen member of the group.

The Art continues to thrive and has attracted new regulars this month.

There have been new people attending this month- as is the case every month, and we hope they have felt a very warm welcome.

The cover photo this month is of a sunset over the Ouse Valle in Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes.

October 2018

October 2018