July 2018

July 2018

July saw temperatures soaring into the 90’s and with the greenhouse effect at the Point we struggled to stay cool. Lots of people gathered to chat outside which worked well because there is a pedestrianised space all around the front of the building.

Numbers of people attending were in the mid 60’s and the usual activities, including art and pool, were in full swing.

The CAB advisors were busy all month, sadly Wendy supported us for the last time on the 23rd, Wendy has offered support at our sessions in her role as a CAB volunteer for over a year and has been greatly appreciated. Some of us attended her leaving do on the 24th at Wetherspoons, when she said she had felt it had been a privilege to have helped people at The Mix.

We had a visit this month from workers involved in the homeless initiative in MK and we explained that we have people who are homeless attending regularly and have committee members who are active in supporting homeless people.

Our local MP Mark Lancaster visited The Point this month at the request of another group also based there. All other groups/charities using the facility were invited to attend and did. It was a good chance to do some networking and draw awareness to how important The Point is to us all.

Local MP visits The Mix -  Newspaper.jpg

This month we are very humbled to have one our core committee members share his own experience of mental illness:

My journey started the day I was born. I think I was born with a desire to do everything to excess. I was a perfectionist without the ability to become one.

I was married to a wonderful woman, two great children, a good job and a nice house in a lovely village, and I lost it all. Drinking had become a problem, leading to a mental breakdown. I blamed myself, and the by now psychotic episodes led to self-harm, therefore I was sectioned.

The episodes led to voices, which I thought were real, but of course, they were only in my head.
Over a long period of time, I was helped not only by medication but by the wonderful professionals who stuck by me, and still do.

During my periods of hospitalisation I was allowed to attend daily A.A. meetings and eventually, the message got through. I not only owe them for my life, but for giving me a new one. Many types of medication were tried until the correct ones worked, and now I can function well on a daily basis.

After I had regained some semblance of normality I was asked to help with a new group being formed – The Mix, a group of people – open to all who would come together, just to be amongst friends.

It is very hard to put into words exactly how and why The Mix works – it just does! It is so much more than an art group, a drama group, the pool tables, Citizens Advice, and if that is not enough, free tea and biscuits.

It is a place where I am lucky enough to be able to call everyone my friends. They do not judge me, nor I them. It is a place to go each week and offer help as best as I can, not for any reward. The Mix is my reward for it gives me much more than it takes.

The cover photo this month is of Furzton Lake in Milton Keynes

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