April 2019

April 2019

Another extremely busy month. Most weeks we have high 70’s with one week reaching 84!

Due to Easter Monday Bank Holiday, we held a Wednesday session, as we normally do after a Bank Holiday, and numbers were impacted. 48 people still attended that day.

We held our Committee Meeting on the 15th, with 9 people attending including Sheila from Community Action, who kindly took meeting notes for us.

Art group were kept busy making Easter Cards amongst other things. Thankfully Stephen joined again us, with Janet being unwell. Monika, her daughter and Stephen have kept the group going along nicely. Best wishes to Janet for a full recovery.

Pool table is always a favourite place for many attending to meet old and new friends.

Citizens Advice were in demand, as always. Quick access to help and support in troublesome situations is invaluable to many who join us each week. Richard and Holly from CAB do great work.

Samaritans were also present twice this month. They have been a fantastic recent addition to the group, helping us out one week when we were short of support workers. Many thanks to them.

We had a visit on the 8th from a photographer, Steph Loake. She blogs Not such a Soulless City on which she takes pictures of people and things in Milton Keynes. She took pictures of those volunteering at The Mix, some of which you can see below!

We also had a new volunteer Jen, join us on the 29th. We very much enjoyed her company and help, thank you Jen!

Other visitors were Gill and a colleague from MK Deanery.

Next Open Committee Meeting Monday 3rd June 2019. All are welcome, indeed, it would be nice to have some new faces join us!

The cover photo this month is of the Holy Trinity church in Old Wolverton.

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