Mix #28

Mix #28


55 people attended The Mix at The Point today.

There were also staff members from the Recovery and Rehabilitation team, Family and Carers support team, Rethink, Cherrywood, Repro House and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

 Today's Session

It was great to see so many at the new venue again today, 3 new people visited , hoping once more people hear about us and that we are easily accessible in the centre of MK, many others will come to enjoy a couple of happy hours with us.

Again a nice atmosphere, with people chatting and making new friends. Many have expressed how much they like the new surroundings. Some soft sofa’s and chairs to sit on, just relaxing, chatting or reading the papers. Pat found it so relaxing he had a nap!

Tables and chairs too if you want to play games, read the paper or just chat.

Billiard table was popular, now we have proper cues this week, many were using it and enjoying playing with others. Stu and Trevor certainly enjoyed their time playing together.

Many used the nice Art Room we have, each doing whatever their interest may be.

Lots of teas, coffees consumed during the session, some lovely cakes too, which went down very well with everyone.

CAB had a couple of people wanting to talk to them today, yet, we could do with more people taking advantage of the vital service we have here.

The cover image this week is of the billiards table inside The Mix.

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