Mix #18

Mix #18


40 people attended today. Some staff members attended from the secondary mental health services. 3 people from Rethink and one who was previously part of the Carers support team, who has now joined the Autism team.

2 new people came today and given a very warm welcome.

Today's Session

A little quieter today, yet, still a lovely atmosphere, many getting together to chat, laugh and spend a nice couple of hours getting to know more about each other. Topics in the newspapers provided are always up for a good discussion.

Nine people took part in the informal Art session, doing various things they find they enjoy, this has become a very popular activity..

The games donated last week were a hit with some. Stu was the Domino champ and Pat the Rummy king

Sarah’s lovely homemade cakes were enjoyed by many again this week.

Art Blog By Janet

I must say I have never done a blog before, so I am glad it is about Art and its therapeutic qualities and about our time at the Mix.

I have always enjoyed Art since being a small child and my artistic grandfather encouraged and tutored me in our 3 generation household.

I wanted to be an artist but my career path went a different way. I never stopped wanting to be a professional artist. Never gave up hope.

Then in my forties I experienced my second breakdown and found myself in the Campbell Centre.

Needless to say I enjoyed the Art and Craft activities organised there by the  OT's in the 1990's.
It was quite a demoralising time in my life and so I turned to the simple enjoyment of inventing patterns and colouring them in----the results of one and a half decades of this still decorates the walls in our rooms at home!

Now, in 2016, what I did to "chill out" and cope with the negative aspects of life is very much on trend, as even those who really don't think of themselves as artistic, find they are benefiting from adult colouring books, zentangling patterns and other creative activities. It really is a great stress-buster!

For three and a half months now a group of us at the Mix have been encouraging one another to just enjoy Art----not as a competitive thing but as a fun activity. It can be an escape from the anxieties that people with mental health issues so frequently have to cope with. I found that to be true nearly 20 years ago as friends at the Mix are doing now.

Arts for Health MK have produced some interesting work to raise awareness of mental health and challenge stigma.

Find it upstairs in the Arts for Health Workshop at the Kingston Library, Winchester Circle MK10 0BA. Check out their website

Things have moved on for me - I never thought I would be sharing this experience with others socially.


No group next Monday, due to Bank Holiday, so next session will be on the 30th May

The cover image this week is of Sarah and one of her wonderful cakes

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