Mix #38

Mix #38


55 people attended our group session today, including two new faces.

Staff members in attendance were from Recovery and Rehabilitation team, Family and Carers support team, Cherry Wood, a new CPN from Westcroft and The Citizens Advice Bureau. 


Today's Session

A great week with people enjoying their time meeting new people and making new friends. 

Many again enjoyed just sitting and reading the newspapers and sharing what they had read.

Pool table was, as always, a favourite activity, with people playing on it all throughout the session.

Art Session was well attended. Beautiful autumn leaves were brought in by Janet to trace, others doing what they enjoyed.

Drama group was on again this week, with many attending having a good time.

CAB was very busy this week, great to see so many seeking the help and advice they need.

Teas, coffees, cold drinks, were as ever in demand, cakes, chocolate bars and crisps too.


Open Committee Meeting

The next committee meting will take place on Monday the 14th November 2016 from 11 30am to 12 30pm. 

It would be nice to see as many as possible coming along to the meeting, to show your interest and share your views as to how you feel.

The Mix is working for all of those joining us each week. Any new ideas always welcome. New volunteers are always needed too, should you have a special skill that would be a bonus. 

The cover image this week is the Dangerous Liaisons by Philip Jackson in the MK Theatre District. 

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