Mix #36

Mix #36


69 people attended our group session today. Staff members from Recovery and Rehabilitation team. Family and Carers support team, Rethink, Cherry Wood and The Citizens Advice.. 

It was another fantastic week with more people than ever attending. 8 new people too, which was wonderful to give them a warm welcome.

Today's Session

It was a really lovely week with much chatter going on, lots of happy laughter too.

Pool table is a favourite for many making new friends and in continuous use.

 Art Session was popular as usual with many going to it, many new ideas to make it better.

Drama group was held again with many going to it, having a lovely time. 

CAB was well attended, with 2 staff coming most weeks now.

More teas, coffees, cold drinks, were more than ever in demand this week, cakes, chocolate bars and crisps too.

It was a very successful week, with many working hard to make it so, we are going from strength to strength and can only get better and better. So come and join us and enjoy a lovely afternoon out with us.

The cover image this week is of MK Gallery

Mix #37

Mix #37

Mix #35

Mix #35