Mix #35

Mix #35


57 people attended our group session today. Staff members from Recovery and Rehabilitation team. Family and Carers support team, Rethink, Cherry Wood and The Citizens Advice.

Another great week with more people than ever attending. 3 more new people too, who got our usual warm welcome.

Today's Session

It was a lively week with a new drama group starting up, 7 people gave it a try and had some good fun acting out roles.

Art Session was a well attended as usual.

CAB was kept busy with many wanting to talk to them.

Lots of teas, coffees and cold drinks served up again this week, Corrine was with us again which was a great help on a very busy day.

Simon from Cheery Wood delighted the volunteers by bringing in some lovely cup cakes for them.

Many of the guests who came to the group today, attended the Art Gallery in the evening, for World Mental Health Day, where many wonderful paintings done by those suffering from mental health illnesses were exhibited, including the collage done at The Mix by the art group..

An interesting and enjoyable film about mental health in cartoon form was shown too.

The cover image this week is of MK Market.

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Mix #36

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Mix #34